Tuesday, 29 March 2011

End of month project card ....Molly bloom Shares a picnic with Tilda!

As March draws to a close (where does the time go) i wanted to share with you my Spring stamp collection Tilda card.... i have introduced Molly Bloom object stamps to show you how versatile the molly stamps can be if like me you are also a magnolia fan ......i think they work well together don't they? .... here i have water coloured the molly bloom with distress inks and used pro markers on Tilda, well it wouldn't be complete without mixing my mediums as well as the stamped images would they :-)....so with this month's project card complete and out of the way i'm starting next months project card.... ok a little hint ! im going to be playing with Molly bloom 2011 collection .... be back soon bloggers .....X

Monday, 28 March 2011

...then it was Sunday!

On Sunday we all went off to the nec Hobby Craft event!.... crafter's  heaven and many bargains to be had, of course i had a little shopping list and was only a few items i didn't tick off ....bit boring showing my bags of goodies so ill just tell you what new collections i have started... Tatty Button ( oooh she is fab!) and Molly Blooms ( so versatile) ..... i will be posting some sample cards i have made shortly and there will be more card postings through out April ..... ps...Just want to say  a Big Thank you to my daughter Lauren for my early Mother's day gifts ....X

A busy weekend....!

Hi everyone.....  well what a busy but fabulous weekend I have had.....A crafter's delight!.... it began on Saturday morning by attending a make and take event hosted by my friend Linda the intention was to chatter about anything and everything, drink lots of tea and coffee, munch on biscuits and make cards!.... well that's exactly what we did, the time went so fast and we had such a giggle with fabulous people, then at some point we dived into the stamping up goodie box ....ooooh such joy! below is a little taster of what i made, a special thank you goes to "Annie" for showing us all how the chalks blend so well into each other ;-)  to Linda for her hard work and for hoovering up the night before ;-) and to Linda's Mum for boiling the kettle constantly through the day!....here's to the next 
 hip hip!......X..... 

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

....... at last my final mother's day card done!

.....have done this one in red, green, and tangerine so far.... Busy me!

With Mother's day around the corner I thought I would post this card ....food for thought?

...so go on folks!.... take yourself off to a car boot!

....here it is finished, my little project ....take yourself off to a car boot, pick yourself up a wicker trug basket cheap, bury oneself in the stash box and  get out your acrylic paints, a3 card, scoring tool, double sided tape, ruler, bits of ribbon, bows gems and gliz and create a storage box.... here i now have to hand, sitting on my little crafting desk all my pro markers to hand.... in a rush to go off to a craft class, grab the handle and sick  it in the car ! ....now who would have thought it! lol .....

.....be back soon Bloggers .....X

Monday, 21 March 2011

and here we have?...erm not sure yet!

Hi everyone .... I have been on fantabulous day out with my hubby to Boston today, we had so much fun! ....the reason for blogging tonight ?...well I couldn't wait to share with you my latest project! ...nope I haven't made it myself, and I also didn't get it to store the beautiful orchid in (my fave flower) which i bought at a garden centre today, I have bought it too......... nope I cant say he he....I will post a picture and explain later in the week...see if you can guess he he he

Friday, 18 March 2011

Anything Marie can do ....you card makers can do too!!!!!

......and finally tonight we have a picture of  my Friend Marie, as long as i have known her she doesn't buy stamps! " i cant stamp" is her mantra lol.... well here we see Marie stamping not only everyone's stamped background image at a recent craft group class, she also stamped everyone's image too! ...well it had to be done didn't it, out came my camera!! ...wait till teacher see's this! ....lol ......be back Blogging soon Bloggers! .....X

Hubby's Birthday cards with a hint of Shamrock .....

....It was my Hubby's Birthday on St Patrick's Day and here is the cards i did for him...the first is a double easel card using a stamp from the forever friends collection,  i made this at my friends workshop (well i couldn't make it at home he would have seen it lol) and the other card is also forever friends from the cd collection .... and to finish both cards there is a punched shamrock ( wonder if St patrick would have liked these :-) lol..... X


ooops is it really Friday again......

Hi Everyone, well its not intentional to stay in on a Friday night and blog but  really don't know where the time has gone this week and I have been on holiday from work too! ..... On a crafting note I have started another collection , Crafter's Companion S.W.A.L.K, I couldn't resist purchasing 4 of these stamps  from my friend ( who just happens to own a craft shop lol) but they are lovely stamps, I have made quite a few cards using various colour ways but I seem to have only used one stamp so far! I have decided to share with you the first card I made with them and I hope you like it, I think they are irresistible and was even quite impressed that a friend of mine bought the stamps too and she doesn't do cute (you know who you are lol)  I will post more later , just a taster for now lol........X

Friday, 11 March 2011

A Friday night hello to Molly Bloom's

Evening everyone !

it’s Friday night and spent earlier this evening creating a stretch card, couldn’t resist introducing Molly Bloom to my collection and just to “say hello” I have used the free gifts that was in a magazine I bought a couple of months ago ( simply cards and paper crafts) .... There will be more cards to follow later in the month as I have my eye on one or two in the new collection! .....and one never knows what mother’s day may bring lol!

I saw this design of stretch card earlier in the week and I have had a go myself from memory and I don’t think it looks too bad ...see what you think?

I have to sign off and put all my crafty things away now (sighs) and have some hubby cuddle time.....Be back blogging soon bloggers....X

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Birthday Wishes .....

Hi everyone...well I have been quiet on my blog but very busy.....March is a busy crafting time as I have so many Birthday cards to do for family and friends, and so much to do in my full time day job....i wanted to share the first card I have made this month for my Friend (fave) ...so difficult to make a card for him as he doesn’t do “fussy” and definitely not “ cute”  ...well what a surprise and relief for me when I discovered Barbara Gray had designed a “Scottish” themed set for the  “Secc” event in Glasgow recently, as my friend comes from Salcoats in wee bonny Scotland I just had to design a card using the stamp set! ....it’s his Birthday today so will sign off with happy Birthday wishes to Gordon.... I’ll be back blogging soon bloggers... X

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

...the beginning of March!

Hi Everyone.....

As we begin the new month of March (my favourite time of year)  I have decided to start with a Spring Clean of my craft room!, now my room is only 3x3 and you wouldn’t think I would have much room to get it cluttered and messy !...but alas im on my second evening of de cluttering!!! ...so whilst I am locked away I thought I would share this card  that I did last month , this is what I aim to do this weekend....Shop till I drop